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An Online Community of Writers

It all started with an awkward elbow bump.

Our founding members, April Dávila and Paulette Perhach, met at AWP in 2020, just before the country's first wave of shut downs in response to the COVID-19 epidemic. 

It was a weird time, to say the least. As we kept in touch, we realized we were both hosting online mindful writers groups and what was more, we found that these groups had become a real source of stability and joy through the trials of social distancing. 

Because, let's be honest here, writers aren't the most socially adept folks to begin with. We're prone to self-isolation and would generally prefer to not leave the house if we can help it. 

But we're still human. We need connection. 

When we asked our existing students what they most wanted and needed, the answer came back loud and clear: more meetings. And so we've expanded from our humble beginnings. 

We're excited to offer Very Important Meetings six days a week now, and we have big dreams of building out our schedule until writers can hop on any time of day, in any time zone, to focus their minds and write with like-minded individuals. 

Learn more about the kind of meditations we lead.

Learn more about our writing sessions.

Learn more about our instructors.

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