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A Very Important Writer: Annis Cassells

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

What brought you to A Very Important Meeting (AVIM)?

I attended Paulette's Saturday meditation and writing group several times and found it works for me. Attending AVIM also makes me dedicate time to my own writing instead of doing work for other people.

What did you feel like you were missing that you found in AVIM?

Discipline enough to make sure I don't miss writing. You can't blow off "A very important meeting" when you see it on your calendar.

What projects or genres are you working on?

Writing and collecting enough poems to make into my second volume of poetry.

What has AVIM helped you gain?

I gained a writing community. In the time frame that works best for me, we have our "regulars," the folks who usually show up. It's great to see their faces and hear how they're progressing or what their frustrations might be.

What's something that you get out of AVIM that you didn't expect?

The dandy social time in which people share resources and ideas and offer encouragement. Another unexpected benefit is the guided meditation sometimes sends me off in a different direction, and I end up tapping into areas and creating poems that were not on my agenda when I tuned in that day.

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