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Jan 25, 2021
In Critique Partners Wanted
I'm working to complete a Certificate in Editing through the University of Washington. I need to complete a practicum project to pass -- that's where my request for help comes in to play. I'd like to partner with one writer to edit their material over a ~10-12 week period. I really want this to be a mutually beneficial exercise for myself and the writer, so I can get the editing experience and the writer can get practical and useful editorial feedback. I've included some basic details below, but please reach out to me by email at < sheila.loesch7@gmail > if you have questions or are interested. My role: copy edit (eliminate and correct grammatical and spelling errors, ensure consistency in document) -OR- line edit (review material line by line for flow and varied sentence structure) your material your draft 500-word minimum, but will review as much as 3,000 words examples: book chapter or book excerpt, essay, article, short story, etc. (both fiction and nonfiction okay) provide an Editorial Plan that spells out an agreement on copy editing or line editing services, how I will perform the edits (in Word, Google Docs, or Adobe), and deadlines Writer's role: respond to my edits so I can finalize the copy for you and then supply a "clean" edited version Write a brief assessment of my editing skills that I can provide to my course instructor Your name and your written material will only be seen by myself and my course instructor. I will not post about this collaboration on my resume, portfolio, etc.: the goal of this project is purely academic


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