Above all, we support each other in our writing.

To attend A Very Important Meeting is to prioritize your writing, to set aside the time to work on something that is important to you. 


We will not be telling you how to use that time. 

We don't offer prompts. 

We don't read our work aloud.


At the end of the meeting, if you're on a roll, we encourage you to log off and keep writing. If, however, you could use a little social time, stay for a few minutes and tell us what you're working on. Everyone is welcome.


Share your successes. Gripe about rejections. We're writers. We know it can be rough out there, but there is something magical that happens when we get together. Something we never would have guessed until we did it. That something is community.


The 15 minute social period at the end of each meeting is entirely optional, but we find it's often our favorite part. Schedule a meeting now and see for yourself.